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Hataw Hanep Hero – The Amped Edition (H3)

What: Hataw Hanep Hero – The Amped Edition (AKA H4 or Hataw Hanep Hero 2008
When: November 21-22, 2008 (Friday and Saturday, YEP FRIDAY)
Where: Silver City Mall.  Where the hell is that?  Look at the sitemap below

Update: I just saw an announcement from Hero TV.  It seems that the schedule for Hero 4 is 6 pm on November 21 and 10 pm on November 22…. WTH!?!?!??!

Update 2: Confirmed schedule is as follows:

November 21: 6pm
November 22: 10am

Update 3: Activities have been added

HERO TV, of Creative Programs, Inc., a subsidiary of ABS-CBN, is a cable channel that features the craziest, funniest and the latest cartoons, youth-oriented programs, and anime shows. It was launched on October 1, 2005 in Metro Manila and is one of the highest-rating
cable channels in the country.

On November 21 and 22, Hero TV will be having Hataw Hanep Hero – The Amped Edition, the biggest and the grandest and the most anticipated youth fair in the country. Now on its fourth year, H3 partners with ABS CBN Interactive’s gaming team, AMPED – the group behind Warrock, Tantra, Getamped, Cronus and Ngage – to give the event an exciting and dynamic youth event highlighting their myriad of interests – from music to technology, sports, arts and fashion.

The first Hataw Hanep Hero was held at the Philippine Trade Training Center with a crowd of 15,000-strong. Last year, we took over the the SMX Convention Centre, where 20,000 anime and cartoon fans gathered in their finest costumes and fiercest game faces. Hero, together with Amped, is set to make this year’s event become the ultimate anime and youth entertainment fair in the country.

Hero 2006 and 2007 was quite memorable although more so than the last for a number of reasons. I wonder what’s in stored for the cosplayers this time around. I’ve been hearing several rumors and talks within the cosplay community about this years event not the mention the controversies (or so they say) surrounding past events.

As you can see, there’s very little information released to the public so far. Time seems to have changed things with the much awaited event.  Guess we’ll just have to go and find out for ourselves.

How to get to Silver City Mall:

From North Bound lane of edsa turn right to intersection where Edsa Shrine is (beside Rob Galleria). That road will pass thru Meralco , Medical City , Home Depot , vicinity of Valle Verde and last, there’s this village looking entrance with fountain & a big round monument thingy… turn right to that road (you’re now entering tiendesitas). this comes BEFORE the intersection with the overpass…
Then just go straight you’ll see SM Hypermarket on the left & on the right side is Silver City (it’s just the building across SM) it looks like a smaller version of SMX… ^-^

another route will be if you’re coming from Q, UP diliman, Mirriam College & Ateneo (along katipunan ave), Blue Ridge village, Eastwood City, then go straight and you’ll end up seeing the intersection with overpass & then Tiendesitas then next to it ung SM Hepermarket. Don’t turn left din, you might get lost and end up in Marikina

For those who want a printable map, here’s something cooked up by Ichiraku for you.

Hero Con 4 sitemap

Hero Con 4 Site Map

H3 Activities

The Ultimate CosPlayers

Categories of the cosplay event are as follows:

o League of Heroes Division (13 years old and up)

  • On site registration only
  • Onsite registration is until 12:00 nn only
  • Up to 150 contestants only
  • Contestants are not entitled for a free entrance
  • Contestants should bring photos of their characters
  • Participants should be at the start of the event which is on November 22 for registration.

o Ohayoo Heroes Division (12 years old and below)

  • Pre-registration and onsite registration
  • Onsite registration is until 12nn only
  • Up to 100 contestants only
  • Contestants are not entitled for a free entrance
  • Contestants should bring photos of their characters
  • Participants should be at the start of the event which is on November 22 for registration.

Criteria for League of Heroes and Ohayoo Divisions:

  • Costume – 30%
  • ‘In Character’ Act – 30%
  • Over-all Impact – 40%

o Group Cosplay (minimum of 6 and maximum of 15)

  • Minimum of 6 and maximum of 15 participants
  • On site registration only
  • Contestants should bring photos of their characters
  • Registration is until 12nn only

Criteria for Groups Cosplay:

  • Costume – 25%
  • Theme – 25%
  • Choreography – 20%
  • Over-all Impact – 30%

participants should be at the start of the event which is on November 22 for registration.

On the spot Draw a Hero Contest

  • inviting the viewers (18 yrs. old and below) to join this special drawing contest
  • draw an original anime character that best describes a ‘hero’
  • artworks should be in 8”x11” bond paper using any medium (paint, pencil, etc.). they should bring their own materials.
  • registration is on November 22 at Mangaholix booth
  • winner to receive cash prize.

Streetdance Competition

  • Open to all high school and college dance groups (5-8)
  • Registration is from is until November 17
  • Send in your 2 min audition video at or send it in Hero TV office
  • performance should not exceed 5 minutes
  • Hero Stinger (used in SID) should be included as part of their music

Criteria as follows:

  • Synchronicity – 25%
  • Formation/Stunts – 25%
  • Creativity – 25%
  • Over-all Impact – 25%

Dub It Out!: Hero TV’s Dubbing Competition

  • open to all individuals
  • Pre registration form is available online at
  • Pre-Screening is on Nov. 10-19 starting at 10 am CREATIVEVOICES Productions Studios in Makati City
  • Finalists will compete on stage on Nov. at H3

Criteria as follows:

  • Voice Quality – 25%
  • Timeliness and Accuracy – 25%
  • Voice Acting Ability – 25%
  • Characterization – 25%

Battle of the Bands

  • Band members (maximum of 6)
  • Registration is until November 17
  • Two songs will be performed. One original and one anime song. (tagalong with the theme of “new hero of the millennium”)
  • To join, send in videos at or in Hero TV office
  • November 22 is the competition date
  • Performance should not exceed 4 min per song

Criteria as follows

  • Band performance – 30%
  • Originality (adding own – 30% rendition to the anime song)
  • Over-all Impact – 40%

Yugioh Competiton

  • Open to all individuals
  • Registration is on Yugioh Booth on November 22 10:00am
  • Participant should bring the following (decklist, ID, gamemat, calculator, pencil and paper)

Schedule at Next Page

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