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StarCraft II set to be a Trilogy

Surprise surprise.  Blizzard has just dropped the announcement at BlizzCon (where else?) that it’s upcoming and highly anticipated RTS sequel StarCraft II will be a trilogy of games.  Why a trilogy?  To give focus on each of the game’s playable factions, Terran, Zerg and Protoss (no new faction yay!).

The first release will focus on the Terran Faction with the second and third release likely to be expansions (rather having 3 separate installations for each game) StarCraft II titles are as follows:

  • Terrans: Wings of Liberty
  • Zerg: Heart of the Swarm
  • Protoss: Legacy of the Void

For multiplayer fanatics, not to worry.  Blizzard has made sure that things will remain true to the classic with traditionally gameplay.

Details on pricing, dates, and inclusion of multiplayer are still under wraps. The only thing we’re sure is that each title will feature 26-30 single-player missions. When will they hit the shelves?  No word still and I’m certainly doubting that they’ll hit the market all at once (so gamers can save up to buy the next one while playing his current copy).

Want more from BlizzCon?  Here’s a new cinematic:

If you want gameplay notes, you can read up Joytiq’s SCII Gameplay Notes.

Now it’s back to Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. XD

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