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Final Fantasy Dissidia Comprehensive Guide

Additional HP Attacks/Combo

After Mastering your basic circle attacks a new set of square attacks will appear as though they branch off of the circle attacks. What you must do is first use the circle attack the square attack is equipped and then immediately follow that up by pressing square while still in the air or on the ground.

CP Bar

There are green and blue parts to this bar. Green corresponds to your equipped attacks and blue indicates the amount of CP used by your skills (Action, Support, and Extra)

Chocobo EXP

Basically, what you want to do before leveling your character that’s going to be power leveled via EX-death is to play another character that will fight a level 1 character and win that match (It doesn’t matter who, if you want to use your to-be-leveled char as well, that’s fine). If you see the Chocobo going KWEH with a “Key note” bubble, proceed to the next paragraph. If not, re-do this step of killing any character until you get the Key-note bubble In this step. Here, feel free to press the RETRY button upon winning if you did not get the “Key Note” bubble.

When you have seen the key-note buble for the first time, from my observations, you DO NOT want to press retry again. I repeat, do NOT press retry again. Instead, press the second option and go to character selection. Now, press Triangle to go to your customize menu and you will see that you now have EXP 1.2x for next battle. After looking at that, press X and go back to the character selection. Now, just keep hitting circle again until the battle starts again. This means that you will still be using the character that is NOT power leveling yet. Kill any level 1 hero and end the match.

After that is over, repeat the process again, go back to character selection, press triangle to see the customize screen again, and you’ll now see 1.5x exp. Again, initiate the same battle with the same hero again, and win it. After winning, go back to character selection and then the customize menu and you’ll now see 2.0x exp.

Do the same basic steps again as mentioned above (You should have gotten it by now), and when you return for the last time, you will now finally see it big flashy gold [3.0x EXP].

Okay, after achieving this, then choose whatever character you want to farm with Exdeath and then initiate the real battle (Don’t forget to adjust the levels, the CPU difficulty, etc). Remember to be serious and concentrated, this exp bonus will ONLY last for this battle alone. Hence, it is important to let your opponent to pick up Ex-cores and let them activate their ex-modes. Make sure that their ex-mode rejuvenates their HP.

Then, just keep hitting them, and you will now get 4k ~ 12k exp per hit depending on how much damage you’re doing. Whenever they’re EX-Mode is about to run around (From here on, it’s speculation), I’m guessing you can help him recharge his bar by using O attacks. Hit him O attacks that damage for very little BP but does a multitude of it. You should see his EX-Gauge go up dramatically again. This then preserves the regen for him, and you should be able to keep poking him until you’re level 100 (The question of which is more time efficient; the time spent on letting him regen versus prepping the whole setup again with 3.0x exp is uncertain, but if anyone wants to test it out, feel free to do so) .

If all else fails, and you accidentally kill him, just repeat the steps outlined above, and get the 3.0x exp again.

You MUST go to the customize screen to look at the Chocobo’s exp bonus. If you just press RETRY, you will lose the EXP bonus even if you won the match. Oh, if I didn’t already mention, you must WIN the initial matches to chain the exp-bonuses.

Chocobo Rewards

By pressing R button while you are in the character customize screen and it will give you access to 3 options . These 3 options can affect the Chocobo screen you see also on your character customize screen .

By choosing the 1st option, after 20 battles you get an accessory called ‘ Chocobo Feather ‘ (?) +20% EXP & 30% Chance of breaking .

By choosing the 2nd option, after 40 battles you will get an accessory which I do not know yet lol but its +50% EXP & 30% chance of breaking . ( I’m not quite sure on this yet , hope someone can clarify )

By choosing the 3rd option , after 60 battles you will get an accessory called ‘ Chocobo Tail ‘ . +100% EXP and 30% chance of breaking .

By breaking I mean that if you equip them for battle, it will give you bonus to your exp but has a 30% of being lost FOREVER.

Costumes (Alternate Form)

To change costume for you character, simply just press Triangle while on the Customize Menu of your chosen character. The japanese word beside the word FORM should change.


Unlock Chaos as a CPU by completing “Inward Chaos” story.


Finish inward chaos with all 10 heroes

Duel Coliseum

To access Shantotto and Gabranth’s special storyline, you do have to complete story mode at the least. Also, completing story mode will open up a special mode called Duel Coliseum where you are given a random “fight card” of opponents to battle. The “fight cards” change depending upon what day it is and which day you select as your “Special Day” when first starting the game will come into play.

1. Snowboard Accessory

The first password unlockable revealed by V Jump. It will let you fight the ghost data of Level 45 Cloud to win a Snowboard accessory.

Communication Mode (通信モード)

Friend Cards Setting (フレンドカード設定)

Edit Message (メッセージ編集)

Clear all the text and enter “PASS3CH3GC45″ with the hankaku character set (the fourth set if you press the select button)

Exit Friend Cards Setting

Offline Lobby (オフラインロビー)

You’ll find Yuffie’s Friend Card

2. For a new Friend Card of Behemoth “PASS3SU433KA”

3. For Aries Recipe “33MKERDTA2AK”

Item no.2 & no.3 – Both are the recipe that allows you to make “Miracle Shoes

type these without the quotes.

4. Level 100 Onion Knight (Item to be won still unknown) “H4NA53NJRE9”

5. For a new Shantotto Friend Card that has Ghost Data of Level 31 Shantotto (FFXI)


5. For a new Ariman Friend Card that has Ghost Data of Level 52 Cloud of Darkness.


6. For Taurus Recipe. “KRCYGU7RJ8E3”

Player Cards




































Player Icons









Duel Coliseum Job Cards

In Duel Colliseum, there are Job Cards, which can be obtained to be used in this Mode. These Job Cards gives various benefits (a few of them isn’t), so be sure  to grab Job Cards that benefits you most.

Here’s the informations regarding the Job Cards:

Active/Instant-effect Cards

Monk: The next Battle Card will become the weakest.

Dragoon: Dicard a card at the selection area. Dragoon card will appear again. (Cannot discard Bosses)

Summoner: Force cards on the next hand to be all Treasure or Job cards.

Samurai: Remove all boss cards from the selection area. (Cannot discard Chaos)

Mime: Becomes a random Job Card.

Passive Cards

Blue Mage: Increases the appearance rate of Job cards.

White Mage: Restore all HP after battle.

Black Mage: Increases the appearance rate of rare Battle cards.

Thief: Increases the appearance rate of Treasure cards.

Knight: Increases card selection area by 1. Effect will be lost after losing a battle.

Ninja: Losing a battle will not cause the player to lose medals or Card Luck.

Red Mage: Cards at the selection area will not be discarded.

Time Mage: Increases card Luck by 1.

Ranger: Earn more medals after battle.

Mystic Knight: Card Luck becomes easier to raise.

Chemist: Deactivates all status effects. Status cards will also not show up.

Status Card

Imp: Cancels all effects from other Job cards (Chemist can overrid this card)

Mini: HP will not recover after battle. (White Mage can override this card)

Pig: Cuts current medals by half.

Toad: Treasure cards will not appear.

When do I get it?

Both English and Japanese versions of Dissidia already available. You can download both versions of the Dissidia ISO via PSP ISOs and DS Roms.

And like other Final Fantasy games released recently, Dissidia will also have its own Potion soft drink. As for the English version, well I guess we can expect it around June 2009.

For updates and downloadable media (like the PSP wallpaper above), head to Dissidia’s official website.

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