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Final Fantasy Dissidia Comprehensive Guide

Comprehensive The Guide


After you complete the 10 main characters stories you unlock “Shade Impulse” which is a 4 chapter sequence where you fight all the villians and then chaos, basically the ending of the main story. Then you get 3 new modes.

Unlock Chaos as a CPU by completing “Inward Chaos” story.

Unlock Shantoto by completing “Distant Glory (Hero mode)” where you fight all the HEROes over the course of 5 parts and Shantoto at the end.

Unlock Gabaranth by completing “Distant Glory (Villian Mode)” Which is the same as Shantoto’s but with villians and gabaranth at the end.

Battle Rise / Battle Gen

Battle Rise items are accessories that double as material items for trading at the shop. Right before a match, you can view which Battle Rise you can obtain (if any); each item will have a sword icon (the condition), the name of the item, and the percentage chance of obtaining it.

Every time you fulfill the condition, you have a chance to obtain that item according to the percentage. i.e. one item has a BRK icon with a 5.2%– every time you Break your opponent there’s a 5.2% chance to acquire it. (This also means after you Break, you have to let them recover their Brave until the numbers are white again in order to break them again. Hitting them again while they’re already “broken” will not cause the item to drop.) When you acquire the item, it’ll appear in the upper left corner of the screen along with some bonus exp. After the battle it’ll tell you that you acquired the item just to confirm.

Now access the Battle Rise menu (its right under the EX mode option). You should see a list of all the accessories and what characters you can obtain them from. Press Triangle here to switch to the Icon view. Note that on the left next to the characters picture, there is a Lv. requirement. This is the minimum level that opponent has to be in order to even have a chance at the item (fighting them higher than this level also raises the percentage to obtain). For BG conditions, you simply have to fight on that stage. Once you’ve obtained at least (1) of a character’s Battle Rise item(s), you will unlock their next tier of item(s). Check the Battle Rise menu; you’ll see the item you obtained checked off and a ‘new’ tag on their next item (usually with a different condition and higher Lv).

With each new item the shop will usually receive an update for Trade items. This is the only way to obtain certain equipment (including the ultimate gear for characters who have reached Lv 100). Also to unlock the villains Battle Rise Items, you subsequently have to obtain at least 1 Battle Rise Item from their respective heroes. You HAVE to unlock the item in the BR menu in order to make it obtainable, otherwise no matter how many times you fight a character, they won’t drop it.

Last but not least, the PP catalog under the ETC. tab, the top 2 options that cost 30 PP are “increase item drop rate” and “increase Battle Rise percentage” respectively. Each time you take it they’re good for one battle and dissappear, but you can take it multiple times; definitely needed for those higher tier items.

Conditions (what is known so far)

Sword w/BRK — Reduce your opponent’s Brave past 0 to put them in “Break” status.

Sword w/square icon — Connect with HP attacks.

Sword w/EX — Connect with an Ex Burst.

Sword w/BG — Slam your opponent into stage obstacles, walls, floors,etc.

Farming AP

The best way to farm AP is to complete an “AP Chance” on a CPU opponent in VS Mode. To accomplish an AP chance, just deal the amount of damage displayed at the lower right part of the screen right before the battle begins. It’s usually reachable w/ a limit break so make that your priority.

If you still don’t know why you should farm APs, it has to do with mastering skills. An AP that is Mastered (an M next to it) requires less CP to equip.

Quick PP/EXP Gain

Find a date on your (Dissidia) calendar where you get PP/EXP for that day, change your PSP system clock to that date, load the game up and voila! Just keep changing the year over and over (You still have to load the game though) and it’ll stack up pretty fast.

Quick AP Guide

In order to reach the maximum AP gain, you must:

  • Purchase the AP Boost LV 2 and 3 in the PP catalog. This will allow you to score the AP + 3 status on your Special day.
  • During battles, perform AP chances as much as you can. This will add an additional 2 AP gain when you won the match.

With this in mind, when playing on your special day, you can gain 6 AP per battle.

Quick AP Gain with PSP Date Trick

  • Set your special day in Dissidia (example: Thursday)
  • Quit the game. Go to the psp date and time settings.
  • Adjust the date to the special day that you set in Dissidia. For our example, adjust the date to 2009/08/27.
  • Now play the game. every win should have an additional 1 AP per win. (3 AP if you purchase the AP Boost LV 3 in the PP calendar).

h3>Quick AP gain after finishing Shade Impulse.

  • Finish the story mode with the character of your choice.
  • After defeating Chaos, go to the PP catalog. Purchase the following:
    • Chaos in Quick Battle located at the SYSTEM tab
    • Shop – Diamond ring Added located at the ETC tab (Diamond ring – 300% AP gain; 100% breakable; 10000 Gil)
  • Equip the Diamond ring. You can only equip 1. Fight a lvl 1 Chaos on your special day. If you manage to get all AP chances, you will score 72 AP per battle!

And the Diamond ring will break, but it only 9000 gil. Pretty cheap since it will be easy Gil killing the Cautious Lvl 100 ExDeath. 😀

Rosetta Stone

Finish a chapter with more than 7 DP and you will sometimes get a Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stones are not for learning new languages but instead add an extra accessory slot.

To add the actual extra accessory slot you must navigate to the ETC. tab in the PP shop and trade the Rosetta Stone for the first option.

It appears Rosetta Stones can also be obtained from final boss battles and getting them from Blue chests on subsequent playthroughs.


Once you beat 2 stories you get the ability to save replays by pressing Square after battles.

To view and export the replays go to the Museum which is the 2nd of the 4 options at the bottom of the main menu, Select the bottom option on the museum which is the replay menu and the menu’s structure is like this.

Replay Menu

At the end of each battle, the player can save the replay data of the battle, but it doesn’t end there. The game features an extensive replay editor mode where replays can be customized and edited in many ways. The editor has control over zoom, panning and camera rotation options throughout the entire timeline of the replay. User Displays can also be completely turned off for a more cinematic presentation. Quick screenshots can also be saved via jpg format within the editor at any time, and when the user is satisfied with how the replay looks, it can be saved into an avi for uploading on video sharing sites.

  • Watch Replay
  • Delete Replay
  • Output to Video
    • Low Quality
    • Medium Quality
    • High Quality

Videos are Output to a Dissidia folder inside the Video folder on the memory stick so you can watch them on the PSP or transfer them to a PC.


Change your PSP’s date to get the in-game calendar to change as well. Do this to acquire bonuses when you want, this can lead to EXP x 1.5, AP + 2 per battle, Gil x 1.5, PP + 30 per battle. These bonuses can only be gotten by buying them from the PP shop.

In the MAIN MENU, press the Square button and a calendar will come out. It goes according to the date set in your PSP and there will be bonuses on specific dates. The date you chose at the start of the game will have a Special Bonus to it depending on what level your calendar stuff is at. There are PP, EXP, GIL & AP bonuses. Your weekly Special Bonus comes once per week with all the bonuses included. Buying calendar stuff in the PP store makes the bonuses go higher.

Higher Lvl CPUs

In the PP shop purchase, under System, the “Lv (CPU)/LvCAP+10? ad above to raise the limit of the level inquick battle mode by that amount.

IE: I’m using Lv 80 Cloud and I buy the LvCAP+20 upgrade. I can now fight against a level 100 Sephiroth.

Quick Gil and Experience

This is tied to the Higher LVL CPUS. The stronger an opponent, the more of gil and experience points you get for defeating him/her.


Air Dash (LVL 8 ) and Air Dash R (LVL 18) allows you to dash toward or away from the opponent respectively by pressing triangle while you’re on map objects (climbing wall, grinding rails, etc). The Free Air Dash from lv 12 allows you to dash toward the opponent at anywhere/anytime by pressing R + Triangle.

Condition Accessories

Condition accessories raise the effects of your other accessories by 1.2x, 1.5, 2x under certain conditions. There are simply too many conditions to list, ranging from map destruction, while in air/ground, used summon or not, HP/EX-gauge conditions, break mode, etc.


You will notice goblets of ether on the map once in a while, after using up a skill these goblets will recover the skill used. Use them! Notice however that they will use up a DP to activate.

DP Chances

Click to see the full Image

BTW the “Charge into map” is believed to refer to you having to push your opponent into the wall however this is not yet confirmed.

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