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Blackhorns Leatherette Case

I’ve always wanted a nice and badass looking case for my PSP and I thought it was impossible due to it’s color (Ice Silver). yesterday while applying for my NBI Clearance in Carriedo though I found a store that sells one of the rarer accessories that I was looking for; a Blackhorns Leatherette Case.

To those not familiar with the name, Blackhorns is a brand of protective gears for many mobile devices which includes the PSP and DS. While there are many other brands (and types) of protection for the PSP, I’ve always admired the BlackHorms brand for one simple reason. Sleekness.

The Blackhorns Leatherette Case has a pure leather exterior and a non-scratching cloth interior to protect the PSP from scratches (a bit too late though, my unit has some marks already). The large wrist strap may need some getting used to but since it’s adjustable, it’s a guaranteed fit. It has a hard plastic mold to hold the unit in place but allows you free access to the ports and slots such the the memory stick, the UMD and even the remote slot below unlike some premium cases (like the PlayGear rip-off for the Slim).

The BlackHorns Leatherette Case has some quirks though namely the fit of the unit in the protective mold and the direction in which the flap opens. While the unit fits the plastic mold it’s not a snug as most premium cases so you need to put something to leverage the unit and provide an exact fit. As for the flap, I’m quite used to it opening at the top of the unit so having it flip down instead of up was a bit quirky but that’s just me.

Overall though I’m quite satisfied with my new PSP case.

Blackhorns Leatherette Case Blackhorns Leatherette Case

Blackhorns Leatherette Case Blackhorns Leatherette Case

Now I’m not sure how much the case goes online but in some PSP specialty shops this costs 500 Php or more (10+ USD). I got it (after a bit of haggling) for 300 Php. This is the reason I love buying around Quiapo. ^^

Interested in some free PSP games? If you can’t find the title you want, just post a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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