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Dummy’s Guide to Installing Custom firmware on a PSP

Let’s say that you’re new to the PSP world and all the terms flying around like Custom Firmware (or CFW), HEN, M33, LCFW, Permanent HEN etc is too confusing then please use this guide to educate yourself. Aside from giving you a heads up on the proper terms, this guide will also help you install custom firmware on your PSP.

Dummies Guide to CFW

If you’re unfamiliar with the PSP world, you can start reading up on the CFW for Dummies: Terms and Definitions.

Once you’re done with that (or if you’re familiar enough with your PSP), let’s get started on installing a custom firmware on your PSP.

Let’s start with the basics, what PSP model do you have?

  1. PSP-1000 (AKA PSP Phat)
  2. PSP-2000 (AKA PSP Slim)
  3. PSP-3000 (AKA PSP Brite)
  4. PSP Go

If you need help identifying your PSP model, refer to this guide

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