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Did Gentoo just die?

While no official body has yet to confirm or spread news about it, Daniel Robbins, creator of Gentoo Linux, confirmed that the Gentoo Foundation’s charter has been revoked for the next several weeks. In layman’s terms, as of this moment the Gentoo Foundation no longer exists.

Gentoo LogoApparently this happened because the people who are supposed to be in charge of keeping this alive have mostly resigned or are MIA. Aside from neglected online duties like publishing newletters, updating the site, etc, they didn’t file routine paperwork with the proper authorities, which puts the legal status of the Gentoo foundation in jeopardy.

No one has explained why to the community, or said much of anything until Daniel stepped forward.

What will happen to Gentoo now?

Referring to the foundation, Daniel is offering to return to his post as president of the foundation (as posted on his blog) so things at the enterprise end will remain stable. On the distro end, even with the dissolution of it’s legal entity, developers are still putting up support for their beloved Linux distribution so it’s still business as usual. Looking at the front page of though, a latest update of October 2007 does not look very promising but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some changes once they’ve patched things up.

On that note, hopefully no one gets behind their backs and revives the Gentoo foundation as a different company. Gentoo has a special place in my heart because of all the headaches it gave me on my early days with Linux so it’ll be a shame if things didn’t go well for this distro. Linux newbs will be missing all the “fun.” No really.

What is Gentoo anyway?

Gentoo Linux is a special distribution of -UX that has one of the deepest levels of customizations around. How? You can compile your own fully customized Gentoo from source code up. That in mind, Gentoo is NOT for Linux newbs because of the steep learning curve and it’s pretty easy to mess things up the first to the -nth time. Gentoo is for advanced to expert -UX users looking for a levels of deeper customization If you’re a linux noob, go for Ubuntu.

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