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Playstation Phone confirmed

Sony Ericsson head Peter Anhegard, has confirmed the coming of a Playstation-branded gaming handset. Although a date is still to be set, Christmas he said although he didn’t specify which, rumors of features from the upcoming product are currently surging through the net.

If you could still recall the first phone to integrate it’s gaming as it’s main feature, ergo the Nokia NGAGE, which was a total flop, it would appear that Sony Ericsson has found itself a wide open franchise. Given that current Smartphones have hardware that perform nearly at par with the PSP, which is somewhere in between the PS1 and PS2, it’s hard to imagine what the Playstation Phone will be capable of when it comes.

The main issue to address when the idea of the Playstation Phone comes to mind of the tech-y person, would be developer support. Sure, you may have a dandy-looking phone with nice and powerful features but what can you do with it? The NGAGE flopped because there no one to make games for it. Hence the question, if the Playstation Phone would carry a different game format, will game makers and/or mobile software developers go for it?

To the wary, a quick check of sales would reveal that the company’s batting average when it comes to mobile phones is a bit high, with the P- and the K-line handsets, spearheading their mobile line. Even I prefer the over the competion.

If you want to read the interview with Peter Anhegard, head over at Pocket Gamer.

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