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Gigabyte M704 UMPC

Things seem to be heating up in the sub-notebook world as major names in manufacturers like Asus, Fujitsu, and Apple begins to target the Ultra Mobile PC Market. Now, Taiwanese-based Gigabyte is also

Asus EEE US prices are out: disappointing

People like me who wish for a low-cost, ultra mini subnotebook are in for some bad news. Early adopters to Asus’ EEE PC will have to face an additional 100% to the original

Asus EEE hardware details

I should have posted this yesterday but I had tons of stuff to do so pardon the late information to anyone waiting for their EEE’s. Asus finally unveiled the models in which their much awaited

The rise of subnotebooks

While the idea of ultra low cost subnotebooks was intended as a project for education purposes of third world countries, everyone seems to be chipping in into what’s likely to become a new battlefield

Asus EEE available for Preorder

Asus EEE available for Preorder

Asus finally opens up the preorders for this sleek (and cheap) sub-notebook. To cut costs, Asus decided to include the Xandros Linux distribution instead of Windows. It supports WiFi b/g, uses SSD for its

The Asus EEE

People seldom associate the term ultra, low cost with a laptop? With a desktop probably because you can shave off nearly 50% or more from building your own rig rather than going

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