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[HowTo] Skip Valve video on any source game

Valve’s opening video for any source game is iconic but it does get old after awhile. Luckily there’s a way to disable it on ANY Source powered game like Team Fortress 2, Half Life

Team Fortress 2 goes Free to Play

Valve has officially made Team Fortress 2 Free-to-Play in conjunction with the Uber pack update and the new Meet-The-Medic

Valve recieves a real life Sentry Gun

Sure it doesn’t shoot bullets but close enough. This replica of the engineer sentry gun from Team Fortress 2 is the work of New Zealand’s extraordinarily talented WETA Workshop (the guys responsible for

Team Fortress 2 Gets Mac version and is 50% off!

Mac users finally get a slice of the Team Fortress 2 action as valve releases the OSX version of the game with a 50% off sale :D. No reason NOT to get Team

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