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Gran Turismo 6 demo now available

The demo for Polyphony’s Gran Turismo 6 is now available for download via the PlayStation Store. The GT6 demo will guide players through GT Academy-themed driving school challenges before unlocking the final qualifying event. Players

Gran Turismo 6 pre-order bonuses, Anniversary Edition detailed

The next installment of the Gran Turismo series is set to hit the PlayStation 3 this holiday season.  Polyphony has announced that aside from the standard copy of the game, Gran Turismo 6 will also

Gran Turismo PSP updates [PSP Bundle and some bad news]

SCEA is releasing of one the most awaited PSP games, Gran Turismo, with an Entertainment Pack bundle.  This will be available this October containing the following: “Mystic Silver” PSP-3000 UMD copy of Gran Turismo a white Corvette

Gran Turismo PSP Looks sweet! It’s been a long time coming but the PSP is about to get it’s Gran Turismo treatment. And it’s in style. It will arrive as one of the first titles to go

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