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Nintendo America says “No Ambassador Program For Wii U”

Unlike the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo confirmed that there won’t be an Ambassador program for early adopters of the Wii U Here is Nintendo’s official response to one of MyNintendoNew’s Readers when he inquired about the

Nintendo NES classics now available on eShop

Previously available only to 3DS Ambassadors, NES classic games will pouring into the Japanese eShop for everyone else to

Free 3DS Ambassador games now available for download

To compensate current 3DS owners for the unprecedented price drop of the 3D touting portable, Nintendo is giving you guys (the 3DS ambassadors) free 3DS games. The problem?  As with all things with gaming on

Nintendo drops 3DS price, gives free games

Being an early adopter is sometimes like shooting yourself in the foot. Those who bought the 3DS early could be feeling the pinch right about… now. Just a few months into the release of

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