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Deactivating a PlayStation System from PSN

The Sony PSN’s new game sharing policy is now in effect since November, 18, 2011.  As of now, the activation limit of PSN content is as follows:

  • For Game Content – Two (2) PS3 and/or PSP systems
  • For Video Content – One (1) PS3 and up to Three (3) PSP systems

Once you exceed this amount, you will have to fully deactivate a system from your PSN account in order to download and use the content on the new one.

There are two steps to deactivate your PlayStation System (PS3 and PSP and likely the PS Vita), either from the console itself or via a PC and your PSN-registered email.

Deactivating your PlayStation via the console itself

  • Connect your PlayStation (PSP, PS3 or PS Vita) console to the internet and Sign in on your PSN account
  • Select account management
  • Select system activation
  • Select the type of content that you don’t want your PlayStation console to use
  • Select deactivate system
  • A message will pop-up indicating that certain PSN content will not be available for use on your console.
  • Click OK, you will receive confirmation that your PlayStation console is now deactivated

Deactivating your PlayStation via a PC

  • Head to the PSN Account Management Portal
  • Login with your PSN credentials
  • Click on the “Account” tab
  • Select “Media and Devices”
  • Four boxes will appear on the right: one for Video, Game, Music and Comics. Click anywhere in the Game box and then choose “Deactivate All”.
  • Click “Yes” to confirm deactivation, you will receive confirmation that your PlayStation console is now deactivated
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