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PSP 6.35 Pro-A2 LCFW released

With 6.35 Pro-A slowing becoming one of the favorites in the PSP scene, VFlame aka Liquidzigong has released an update to his current 6.35 Pro-A LCFW (light custom firmware.. yes light not loaded), 6.35 Pro-A2.  This update includes a standby option to the VSH menu and fixes a couple of bugs.  No PSX support so it looks like everyone should still look forward to more updates from Total_Noob for 6.20 TN-D and Liquizigong for 6.35 Pro-A3.

Custom Firmware 6.35 PRO-A2 changelog (Translated via Google)

[!] fix large memory support, and now you can unlock up to 51M of memory, you can stand in a normal home-made software
[!] fix ACG MHP3 v4 Chinese Version
[+] to add in the VSH MENU standby SUSPEND DEVICE

Download: 6.35 PRO-A2

Thanks to nadine for the info!

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