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Cafe World Points Guide for Facebook’s Cafe World Application

So you’ve decided to game Cafe World and started using some Cafe World Cheats, Cafe World Tips, and Cafe World Hacks and you encounter the game’s leveling system and get confused.  What are Cafe World Points or Cafe Points? Are they part of the game?  The answer is of course yes.  They are the equivalent of experience points for the game that you’ll earn whenever you successfully cook a dish.  Different dishes naturally give out different Cafe points so if you really want to game Cafe World, you should take note of what gives what.

Note that this guide is part of the series for Cafe World Tips 😀

For starters, here is a table of Cafe Points arranged from lowest Cafe Points to highest Cafe Points.

DISHCook TimeCP MakingCP CookingCP CleaningTotal CP
Chips and Guacamole3 mins3014
Bacon Cheeseburger5 mins3317
Super Chunk Fruit Salad15 mins310114
Chicken Gyro and Fries10 mins310114
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail30 mins317121
Tikka Masala Kebobs1 hr615122
Caramel Apples2 hrs1222135
Fiery Fish Tacos2 hrs1533149
French Onion Soup4 hrs1248161
Tony’s Classic Pizza5 hrs2146168
Kung Pao Stir Fry4 hrs2153175
Pumpkin Pie12 hrs1560176
Spaghetti and Meatballs8 hrs24751100
Vampire Steaked Steak1 day15971113
Triple Berry Cheesecake12 hrs151241140
Voodoo Chicken Salad12 hrs361311169
Overstuffed Peppers12 hrs451601206
Spitfire Roasted Chicken1 day151941211
Herbed Halibut1 day212031225
King Crab Bisque1 day541971252
Homestyle Pot Roast2 days602181280

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