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Thoughts on gOS

Thoughts on gOS

I was ecstatic to find a new Linux flavor on Linuxtracker . While some people are fazed by having a Linux distro compiled with the idea of their web apps (docs, youtube, gmail, blogger

XP performance tweaks

While we’re waiting for Vista to get better or Windows 7 (probably 3 years to go), or contemplating on a Windows alternative altogether like Mac’s Leopard or LInux’s Ubuntu, don’t throw your XP partition

Ubuntu 7.10 is available for download

Although it’s still not on the Ubuntu site front page, you can get the latest distro from any of these sources: Ubuntu Release Page OSUOSL Mirror FSLUTD Mirror Indiana Mirror CD image Mirror Or you can save everyone’s server from

Site Changes and More

I’ll be moving to a new host in a few days (change that to now, if I’m lucky enough to find an open bank which I doubt since it’s a holiday). I’m getting

Software Review: Week 3

I’ve had my gmail accounts (I have 4) for quite awhile now and it’s feeling quite cluttered so I decided to take a look if the grass is greener on the other side,

Software Review: Week 1

I took about an hour off from editing my paper on Feasibility Studies (*gasp* isn’t the deadline in 2 weeks!??!) to kick off a new segment for my blog. As you can

Microsoft ‘Stealth Update’ Proving Problematic

Microsoft ‘Stealth Update’ Proving Problematic

if you’ve read my post about the confirmation of Microsoft’s Stealth Updates for Windows XP and believed Microsoft’s claims, stating that this is a ?normal behavior? for XP and Vista machines then think again. According

Linux Guide for newbies

It’s been a while since I’ve started guiding a few of my friends and family onto Linux OS and it’s a refreshing experience seeing people using Linux (Ubuntu specifically) actually enjoying it, it’s become

Choosing a programming language

Although it’s probably the first thing that would-be programmers should consider, sometimes, choosing which programming language to learn or focus on is a daunting task. As a newbie, you might be looking for the

How much storage is enough?

How much storage is enough?

A 250 GB hard drive is more than enough capacity for any normal PC enthusiast. That’s quite a bit of storage to hold your installed programs, music, pictures, videos etc. If you

Turn your XP to a Vista clone

While some people aren’t overly enthusiastic about Redmond’s new OS and we see rants and complaints about it every day. What most people don’t know is that Vista has several features that make it

Microsoft on Google Apps

Since it?s launch last February, Microsoft has been tight-lipped on it?s Office Suite?s competitor, Google Web Office. Responding to the news that CapGemini, a IT systems consultancy has partnered with Google to sell

Eclipse on my Java

I’ve been messing around with Eclipse for the past month and I must say that I’m quite impressed using it as a Java IDE, it’s default form. I’ve added it to my Java

Store your data on an atom

If you’ve seen The Last Mimzy, the part where they showed an atomic-sized Intel chip, you probably started asking, when will we get there? IBM seems to have found an answer. IBM stores data

Top Firefox Extensions

There are hundreds of useful (and most of the time not) Firefox extensions to improve your browsing experience as well as bog down the browser’s performance. I choose 4 out of the

Tilera launches 64-core processor

Here’s some news to wet those tech savvy appetites. A new company, Tilera has introduced the a new processor for the server line called Tile64 a with a 10K tray priced at $435 per chip.

Living with 2 OS’s

I was introduced to Linux during my 2nd year in college, about the time I started my part time job at a small hosting company. We had 6 servers running Red Hat and


Ever since I’ve decided on taking up freelance programming as my bread and butter to get through my college expenses, I have always been slapped with the choice of which language to take as

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