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Pokémon Sun and Moon gets a release date and a debut trailer

Plus we get to see the starter pokemons. The new trailer gives us a first  look at the games, their setting — in Alola Region and the new starters: Rowlet – Grass Quill Pokémon, Grass /

Pokémon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire North American Demo available via Pokémon Trainer Club

A special demo for Pokémon Trainer Club members will be available according to the Pokémon Company for the upcoming US release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. If you still don’t have an account

New Pokémon X & Y trailer reveals horde battles

The Pokémon Company has just released a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated Pokémon games X & Y. The video introduces horde battles, sky battles and gives a fairly in-depth look at fairy

Pokemon X and Y detail starter pokemons; shows off Mega Evolution for Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise

During the latest Nintendo direct it was revealed that the starting pokemons will be Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie. Unlike previous pokemon games, your starting pokemon will be from one of your character’s friends

Pokemon X and Y Japenese preorders suppassed 260,000 units

Well ahead of the game’s release this October, Pokemon X and Y is proving to be a hit for fans who have swamped retailers who have setup a pre-order campaign for the game and

Pokemon X/Y teases gameplay trailer, box-art and screenshots

I can safely say I’m hyped for Pokemon X/Y to come out, as the new trailer gives us a glimpse of Lumiose City, the pokemon battles and of course the trainers. Without further

Limited Edition Pikachu 3DS XL confirmed for North America

It looks like Nintendo is finally addressing the lack of Limited Edition 3DS consoles for the North American market (and those of us who are buying Region 1 consoles) as it has confirmed that

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y heads to the Nintendo 3DS

The very first Pokémon game for the Nintendo 3DS is finally set for release. Yes, we can argue that Pokémon Black and White were playable on the Nintendo 3DS even if they were DS

Nintendo teases Limited Edition Charizard 3DS XL

This verrrry Limited Edition 3DS XL proves that Japan gets all the good stuff when it comes to consoles :(. The Limited Edition Charizard 3DS XL will only be available between November 3 and November

Gotta Catch that Pikachu 3DS XL

Too bad for US Pokemon fans, this Pikachu themed Nintendo 3DS XL won’t be up for grabs at your nearest electronics store. This uber limited edition console will be released exclusively through Pokemon

Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 confirmed for June release

The follow-up to the smash hit Pokemon games, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White are set to release in

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