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Parasite Eve: The 3rd birthday screenshots galore

Screenshots of the 3rd birthday, the next installment of the Parasite Eve series have been circulating for quite a while now at E3 and I’m just blogging about it now. Talk about being late

Playing D&D on the Microsoft Surface

Microsoft’s Surface is one of the best implementations of surface (no pun intended) computing that we’ve seen so far. It’s best application so far? Recreating the Dungeons & Dragons experience and legacy

Top Stories on Atma Xplorer for 2008

The year is about to close so I decided to pause all my activities like cleaning up, cooking, setting stuff up for the coming of the next year, and checked my Google Analyitics to

Dragonball Evolution… Uhhh

I’m not a big fan of the Dragonball series (Dragonbal, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT and it’s respective movies) but I’m familiar with the story, the characters and the fanbase behind it simply because like

Sony to offer Short Films on PSP and PS3

Freebies galore as SCEE unveils a little project that it’s working on called Shoot! Shoot! is basically a project that involves six short films that will be offered as free downloads on both the PS3

Hataw Hanep Hero – The Amped Edition (H3)

What: Hataw Hanep Hero – The Amped Edition (AKA H4 or Hataw Hanep Hero 2008 When: November 21-22, 2008 (Friday and Saturday, YEP FRIDAY) Where: Silver City Mall.  Where the hell is that?  Look

OpenSocial: Google’s SNS portal

Google’s latest launch, OpenSocial (this url goes live on Thursday) is set on November 1, 2007 (tomorrow if you’re in range of our timezone). LinkedIn, hi5, Plaxo, SixApart (read their statement here) and

Global WGA outtage

Microsoft users are experiencing problems with Windows Genuine Advantage with XP and Vista users unable to validate their installations. If you look now at the WGA support forum, you?ll see a flood

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